Parent to Parent

One of the greatest challenges we face with our children is developing strong, healthy and productive people. While schools, churches and other organizations are being asked to teach character education, these programs cannot have long-term impact without the support of parents at home. Although. the Parent to Parent program is targeted at parents, its ultimate objective is to have direct impact on behavior and performance of children at home and at school through proven prevention and intervention techniques.

Parent-to-Parent is a video-based workshop run by trained parents who facilitate this voluntary, peer-driven training. For one hour per week over eight weeks, parents learn proven, common sense techniques that help them motivate their children to make healthy life-choices. This well-received, powerful program was created in 1982 by Bill Oliver, founder of The Passage Group. Parent to Parent is now in its fourth version because the “Drug Culture” of the 1980s has mutated into the “Toxic Culture” of the new millennium. This virulent and seductive culture presents three deadly paradigms to kids: Sex as sport, Drugs and Drunkenness as “normal”, and Violence and Death as entertaiment. This program provides an effective way to counter the “Toxic Culture” by inoculating parents with the wisdom, love, and courage that will enable them to “Get in the Way” and keep their children safe while developing them into strong, healthy and productive adults.

Shasta Parent to Parent is also recognized as a court-approved program and is offered at no cost to parents.  There is currently only one class open to the public and four others are being offered in rehabilitation centers through out the county.

If you would like more information or to registrar for a Parent-to-Parent class, contact us at (530) 241-5958.